Healthy Eating Ideas for Classroom Kids

kids need makes food 2Nicole Henderson says that the early years are when a parent gives their child a foundation for proper diet, that kids who learn about the need for healthy eating in their early lives will not learn about healthy eating in their adulthood. Our children mean so much to us. Their health and fitness are just the same as our health and fitness. The food we allow them to eat will make up for the adults they turn out to be.

Barnaby Spring says kids, need experience of what makes healthy food A kid growing up and understanding the importance of healthy eating leads to a healthy adult. A healthy eating habit for your classroom kid can lead to better performance. However, how do you cheaply do it? Below are healthy eating ideas for a classroom kid.

Kids Love Cookies

I could not separate most of my nieces and nephews from cookies but I feared it is an unhealthy meal, the sugar, I feared or them. Bad teeth, weight gains name them. So I was talking a friend, a student of Nutrition and Dietetics, she opened up to me that cookies can be made healthy just by changing my ingredients. She advised that I could first replace my white flour with whole- wheat and some oats. She also advised I use applesauce to lower the effect of fat used in the cookies. The use of whole-wheat was a good source of fibre; fibre is known for its role I digestion for the human body. Today- l just make more cookies and allow them to eat without fear for their diets.


Popcorn is quite healthy for anyone. Children need grains in their diet. Popcorn is just the right snack to slip in their diet. Popcorn is essentially whole grain; grains are good at preventing obesity. Popcorn is a cheaper grain and easily accessible, to make them less boring top them with some cinnamon, cheese or honey.

Fruits and fruit salads

You can walk into any market and access fruits. Fruit is very important in boosting immunity. They can do wonders for kids. Once in a while avoid the typical lunch you pack for kids and swap it with fruits, fruit salad and naturally blended fruit juices in place of soft drinks. They will be in a better place to fight diseases than when depending on the usual snacks.

Peanut butter

Children grow with a liking for meals they lick. They enjoy liking, they lick sugar, ice cream, name them. I used to love margarine as a kid, it was just fulfilling to have on my bread or toast but the moment I introduced peanut butter just with a single toast I felt the satisfaction. Buy some peanut butter at the store and give it to the kids to have fun. It is more fun and healthier than margarine, which is full of calories.

lce Pops

This is fun and easy, not much ingredient needed. With any fruit juice, you have an ice pop. Most children should be able to love them. You can use them to boost your kids' vitamin C and Calcium in place of the normally sugary ice cream. The above are just basic snacks. Your kid should be able to enjoy them and at the same time stay healthy. A research by the World Health Organization states that obesity in children is one of the man health challenges of this century. That if we raise kids to eat like everyone else our kids will grow without the regard for weight and develop serious health conditions like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.