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Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine
PCRM is dedicated to introducing healthy vegetarian meals into schools.

New York Coalition for Healthy School Lunches
The Coalition is dedicated to introducing healthy vegetarian meals into N.Y. schools.

DVD: Impact of Fresh Healthy Food on Learning & Behavior
15-minute presentation that will convince even your toughest audiences that healthy school lunches are important.

Spirit In Action
Spirit In Action is dedicated to introducing healthy vegetarian meals into schools.

Earth Voice Food Choice
Earth Voice Food Choice is dedicated to introducing healthy vegetarian meals into schools through a manual and a DVD.

Feingold School Lunch Program
Detailed information on "how" to reform school lunch program. Focus is on removing junk food, not adding vegetarian options, but the principles are useful for both.

Team Nutrition
A USDA website providing general guidance for parents,educators, and foodservice personnel to improve school meals and nutrition programs.

Healthy Meals Resource System
A sister site to Team Nutrition providing technical assistance support and materials for school foodservice and child care professionals.

Parents Advocating School Responsibility
The website of the Nutrition Committee for San Francisco Public Schools, setting the trend for healthy school foods efforts across the country.

Gateway to a great variety of books and forums on vegetarian nutrition for children.

Vegetarian Resource Group
Lists a number of articles and books on vegetarian nutrition for children and school food.

Vegan Children by Carol M. Coughlin, RD, American Dietetic Association
A brief compilation of facts and figures on vegan nutrition for children.

Center for Science In the Public Interest
Use the search engine of this fine food safety website for a number of informative articles on child nutrition and school food.

National Parent Teacher's Association
PTA's position in support of sound child nutrition and school food programs.

Produce for Better Health Foundation
Provides extensive information about the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

Kids and Cooking
Resource for raising vegetarian children (UK-based).

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