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Appleton DVD

If you want a short 15 minute presentation that will convince even your toughest audiences that healthy school lunches are important.

As shown on Morgan Spurlock's award-winning movie, "Supersize Me!". This DVD iIllustrates the 5-year achievement of the Appleton, WI Alternative School. It contains interviews with the principal, teachers, police and students

Order "Impact of Fresh Healthy Food on Learning and Behavior 2004." from Natural Press for $12.

Nutritional Resource Foundation & Natural Ovens Bakery have partnered up to bring you nutritional fresh whole food guidelines designed to help you take the needed steps in improving school breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

The information packet outlines relevant topics such as "Improving the School Nutrition Environment” & “Six Essentials for Healthy Students." It's an in-depth guide to what needs to be done, from the ground up, to foster a healthier, more productive environment in our kids' schools.

The guide comes with a 14 minute DVD that covers the six-year experience with the Appleton, Wisconsin Alternative School. This was the school featured in the movie that got amazing results with "troubled" teens by changing their diet! The DVD shows you just how powerful fresh whole foods can be to the lives of our youth.